Dishwasher Glass Rack

Dishwasher Glass Rack widely used in commercial kitchens, hotel kitchens, restaurant kitchens, hotel kitchens.



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  • Dishwasher Glass Rack, Non-toxic, odorless (pp) plastic injection molding, the surface of the cup basket is frosted, which can ensure that the cup basket will not be scratched during stacking and handling, and enhance the resistance.
  • The diamond-shaped hollow and open-sided design of the basket makes it more clean and thorough to clean the tableware, and can quickly and completely dry the water.
  • There are concave handles around the bottom edge of the bottom basket, which is very convenient to use, and there is no need to transfer the cup basket to find it.
  • The nameplate on the side is designed to facilitate systematic management and classification.
  • The inner grid of the cup basket has elastic spacers, which can protect the tableware more effectively and prevent the tableware from colliding and scratching during transportation.

产品型号 TYPE 49 cells 36 cells 25 cells 16 cells 9 cells
产品尺寸 Measurement 50*50*4.5 cm 50*50*4.5 cm 50*50*4.5 cm 50*50*4.5 cm 50*50*4.5 cm
内格尺寸 Comp dimension 6.5*6.5*3.5 cm 7.5*7.5*3.5 cm 9*9*3.5 cm 11.5*11.5*3.5 cm 15.2*15.2*3.5 cm
颜色 COLOR gray, brown gray, brown gray, brown gray, brown gray, brown
组合combination Protect the top frame + the second layer of expansion frame + the third layer of expansion frame (the third layer of wireless plus) + bottom frame


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