Multi-purpose Three-layer Trolley

Multi-purpose Three-layer Trolley Imported environmentally friendly raw materials are selected and made of high-quality reinforced imported PP materials, which greatly improves the load-bearing capacity of the trolley.


  • Three-layer thickened luxury carts are equipped with a flat table surface. The new PP material is injection molded into bottom ribs up to TPR material. Mute to the wheel layer height. The design is reasonable. The armrest and top plate 17 belt bearings advance more labor-saving and convenient to take and place items. Sturdy and solid.
  • Thickened injection molding plate, durable and super load-bearing, using thickening injection molding process, reinforced stripes on the back, making the plate more durable and bearing capacity up to 300 kg.
  • Stable and thick bracket, integrated pillar design, non-two-stage, one-time injection molding, card slot design, make it firmer and not easy to fall off after connection.
  • Convenient hierarchical design, classified and placed, easy to take, touch, and long press to take photos, take each layer and classify according to convenience.
  • Durable universal pulley, industrial universal pulley, industrial universal pulley, not only strong pressure but also not easy to jam. Excellent load-bearing and durable material can greatly increase the service life
  • Increase thickening materials.



Black, Gray, White



Product number





111.5*52.4*94 CM, 139.5*52.4*94 CM



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