Multi-function Cleaning Driver Cart

Multi-function Cleaning Driver Cart The width of the car and other companions is small and can be installed, and various passages can be easily passed through.


  • Easy to install, strong and durable, Oxford cloth waterproof bag, pulling hard is not a problem.
  • The load-bearing capacity can be up to 60 kg, and the extra-thick car plate is strong and durable.
  • Labor-saving hand push, the generous design is more suitable for holding, making it more labor-saving.
  • A large number of lever buckles, which can hold 5 brooms or dust push brooms, etc.
  • The pulley is fixed with a groove to prevent the water from squeezing the truck from shaking and falling when pushing the debris truck.
  • The universal front wheel can rotate 360 degrees at will, making it easy to move.
  • Stabilize the rear wheel, strengthen the material to stabilize the rear wheel, the bearing capacity can reach 300 kg.



Blue, Gray

Product number



132*75*110 CM, 150*54*98.5 CM, 154*54*128.5 CM


Oxford cloth, Stainless Steel



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